Isabella's blog This week a police officer called Mr Henney came to our school and he showed us his police car and its siren, he also showed us his taser, police hat, and a radio. We got to go in his police car. In his police car he had another police hat. He also had very cumfortable seats.

Gymnastics by Sam

I have been jumping on Bouncy blocks. I can do flips and backwards and forwards rollypollies. My favourite thing is doing big flips.

Writing stories by Lennon

I have been writing a story about what I look like. the story is about me telling people what I look. My favourite part is telling people about my hair

Happy Cake

We have been reading the book, How to make a Happy Cake. 
We have looked closely at the way instructions are written and have sequenced the instructions matching the pictures to the text.

Today we combined with Room Whetu and got to make Happy Cake.  

We assembled the ingredients...  making sure we checked them off our list.

We split into two groups, girls and boys and with Maria and Tracy's help measured out the ingredients and followed the instructions.

We melted butter.

We sifted the dry ingredients.

We mixed in eggs.

We cooked the cakes.

We decorated the tops with icing sugar sprinkled on top.
A star cake for Room Whetu.

A rocket cake for Room Rocket.

We enjoyed sampling our Happy Cakes.

Monarch Butterflies

Using the swan plants that Te Ara Wha grew last year,  this summer we have watched the life cycle of  13 monarch butterflies  and have successfully  set them free.   From the tiny egg emerged tiny caterpillars, which devoured our swan plants  as they grew bigger and bigger and bigger.  A gorgeous green and gold chrysalis which then turned black and then clear, so we could see the wings of the monarch inside. Sometimes we were very lucky and got to watch the butterfly hatch out of the chryalis,  pump up its wings and dry them slowly, before taking off to discover the world outside.  Fly free! 

Welcome to Room Rocket

2017 Years 1 and 2. This year we have decided to reach for the stars.   Together we are going to launch into learning. Believe to Achieve. We are ... Room Rocket.

Last Day- Te Ara Wha

Thank you Zoe  for bringing  sister Laila's bunnies to school. We loved being able to hold and cuddle them. What a fantastic way to end our school year.

Thank you Te Ara Wha. We have had an amazing year together.  I hope you have all enjoyed your learning journey and have made some long lasting memories along the way.  Have a happy and relaxing holiday.