Thursday, 11 May 2017

Isabella's blog
This week a police officer called Mr Heney came to our school and he showed us his police car and its siren, he also showed us his taser, police hat, and a radio. We got to go in his police car. In his police car he had another police hat. He also had very comfortable seats.

Gymnastics by Sam

I have been jumping on bouncy blocks. I can do flips and backwards and forwards rolly-pollies.
My favourite thing is doing big flips.

Writing stories by Lennon

I have been writing a story about what I look like. The story is about me telling people what I look like. My favourite part is telling people about my hair.

Timetable Change

Room Four are looking forward to the timetable change next week. We have spoken about the need to bring along some healthy snacks, (brain f...