Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Changing the State of Matter

Changing the State of Water

This week we have been changing the state of water.

First we started with ice, water in a solid state.

We melted it in the sun.

We got water, this state is called liquid.

We heated the water to make it evaporate into steam, this is water in a gas state.

Then we condensated the steam (a gas) catching it with a cold lid , turning it back to water (a liquid).

We froze the water to make ice (a solid) once more.

Discovery Time

Slime Time

On Friday during discovery we made slime with Room 5.

Mix up borax.(adults only)
Measure  out  1/4 cup of water.
 Add some guar gum.
Mix it for 2 minutes. 
 Add the first measure of borax.
Stir as it thickens.
Add the second measure of borax.
Stir until it is slimy!!

Below are some photos of us all hard at work.


It was:
 goopy, slimy, slippery, gooey, sticky,  jelly, rubbery, squishy, yucky
.... and fabulous fun!!
Thank you Mr Science!
Check out the Mr Science video on You Tube: Slime Time, showing you the steps we followed.


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