Thursday, 10 March 2016

Science Table  

This term we have started an inquiry unit on how we can attract more butterflies to Brooklyn School.

We have had swan plants in our classroom and have watched the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. We have found out that the paper wasp is killing our butterflies. We have several nests on our science table!  Ava and Elyse also bought in a monarch butterfly which had hatched but unfortunately it didn't have time to dry out and get it's wings pumped up before a paper wasp killed it.

Vicki W bought us some swans from her big swan plants at home.  Swans are the seed pods from the swan plant.  We are waiting for them to ripen up, split open and ...
 Do you think we can plant the seeds inside and that new swan plants will grow?
What other plants or flowers attract butterflies?
Can you help us create a butterfly garden?

Sunny the Monarch
Te Ara Wha would like to
announce the arrival of
a brand new monarch butterfly
that hatched just after midday
on the 9th March
and was set free into the world
on 10th March.
Fly free Sunny!


Sea Week Fun At Marahau 

On Friday the 4 March Brooklyn School all went on a trip to Marahau.
We investigated the high tide, mid tide and low tide regions of this beautiful beach.  
Our scavenger hunt of the high tide region had us looking for feathery, furry,  hard, spongy and man made items. The tide can wash up all sorts of different items. 

At the mid tide we took part in the  Magic Marine Mirror Project. We identified and counted all the different sea creatures and plants in our 1 metre square with our buddies.

At the low tide mark we all collected cockles for our lunch. Yum kaimoana!

A big thank you to Kat and Vicki K for organising this amazing day for our school.
Swim for Life Swimming Lessons

This year we are lucky to have the Young Swimmers, swimming instructors teaching us how to swim.  We have four dedicated instructors who are teaching us.
We are very clever in Te Ara Wha and show them:
    *how we can kick our legs, small and fast.
    *how we can streamline on our front, with arms pasted to our ears.
    *how we put our chins down and have our eyes looking at the bottom of the pool.

Mum and Dad you will just have to come swimming at the school pool and see our amazing progress.

We love Swim for Life swimming lessons.

Water Safety Fun

As a part of our Water Safety Swimming we got to swim in life jackets and experience what they feel like in the water.
We learnt to lie back and relax and to blow the whistle only when it is a real emergency!
Thank you Bridget for swimming with us today.
Thank you to all the students who shared their life jackets with the other students.
Lie back in the water and relax.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Welcome to Te Ara Wha

Welcome to 2016
Hi and welcome to our classroom blog.
We are a class of 15, Year 1, 2, and 3 students.
Our classroom name is
Te Ara Wha- The Path Four
We look forward to sharing our learning journey with you this year.
Thank you for visiting and reading our blog.
Discovery Time
 Every Friday we have Discovery Time.
Take a look at  our first discovery around bubbles.
Bubble Fun 


Gnarley and Sam having fun creating bubbles.
We can make big and little bubbles. Some bubble wands make multiple bubbles.
 Te Ara Wha- Super Market
The boys go shopping.

Playdough Fun

Welcome to Te Ara Wha 2016

For our first Discovery Time we explored Bubbles and created some beautiful bubble art book covers which we will use to cover our publishing books.


Timetable Change

Room Four are looking forward to the timetable change next week. We have spoken about the need to bring along some healthy snacks, (brain f...