Friday, 4 November 2016

Harvest Time

Yum our radishes were delicious!
We were able to harvest our radishes and all got to taste one.

We had grown enough radishes that we able to sell some. We carefully cleaned them, graded out the radishes that had split and bundled them up to sell on the Fruit and Produce Stall at the Book Fair.

Our radishes.

Preparing our radishes for sale at the Brooklyn Book Fair.

A and P Shows - Celebrating New Zealand Festivals

Wow!!  A BIG, BIG thank you to all the staff at Brooklyn School who helped all the students prepare exhibits for our annual Pet Day.

Painting flowers, plasticine Brooklyn Bugs, photography, rock pets and making gingerbread creations, we got to make one each to put into our show.

All the students who visited Te Ara Wha made a gingerbread creation.
Thank you very much Dini for making the gingerbread for us.

Visit to Plant and Food Research

We were very lucky to go over the road to Plant and Food Research to find out more about plants.

Scientist Janice Patrick had collected a lot of different flowers and plants for us to look at under giant magnifying glasses. We were able to see the petals, stigma stamin and pollen up close.

We visited Dave a chemist in his laboratory.  He showed us how to quickly freeze a kiwifruit using liquid nitrogen.

Biff a scientist (who just happens to be the owner of Speights the lunch area cat at Brooklyn School) showed us how she was researching how to store pears without them becoming bruised and yucky.
She rubbed the pears on the bench and bruised the pears and then the next day looked at how brown they had become. Super markets do not like buying brown bruised pears.

We had a great time at Plant and food Research. Thank you Janice, Biff and Dave.

Nelson Masked Parade

Buzzing at Brooklyn

Masked Parade 2016

We worked together with Room 5 to create some wonderful masks for the Masked Parade.

To give our ladybirds, beetles, bees, dragonflies and butterflies something to Buzz around we made some flower masks. We also created some Venus Fly Traps with trappy hand puppets that were so much fun to play with!

The process started 2 weeks before the end of last term, making the papier mache that would be the basis of our masks. Then we painted, glued, glittered and created our masterpieces.

The night of the Parade was fantastic. Half the school came to walk through Nelson. It was so much fun, the music, the dancing, the crowds clapping us. 

What do you think of our masks? 

We are a colourful lot, aren't we?

Our Butterfly Garden

On the last day of Term Three the students of Te Ara Wha all  helped to prepare and plant our  Butterfly Garden and Vegetable Garden.

We scattered wild flower seeds in our flower garden and also planted sweet peas and sun flowers.

We planted beans, peas and radishes in our vegetable garden.
Now we will have to cross our fingers and hope that it all germinates and grows into healthy vegetables.

A kind person from our community donated enough Little Gardens for us all to plant out our own.
Thank you

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Medals by Jordan

We got some clay and made a medal desgin. 
My one has a motorbike on it because I like riding motorbikes. 
I enjoyed making  these medals because it was fun and enjoyable. 
We put a pen in it so we can put ribbon though the hole.
I am going to paint it bronze. 

By Jordan.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Quinntons Olympic Medal Making

Olympic medals

Quinnton enjoyed making his olympic medal. In class he made made it out of clay. He put patterns in it using a stencil.He put the stencil on his round bit of clay and pushed it down to make the shape of a dinosaur.  He also has a motorbike on it. He used a stencil for this too. On his first medal he coated his medal in this stuff called plaster of paris and he waited for it to set then he pulled it out and he had a medal but he has not added the plaster to his second one yet.

By Quinton supported by Bryce and Liam

Caleb Pickett's medal table

I got 1 gold medal and I got 1 silver medal  and also got 1 bronze medal. In total I got 3 medals.
I enjoyed the activities they were really fun. My favourite one was the  table tennis activity.
  It was fun!

Olympic Day! - with Katelyn

We made medals. I did a tree, star and a square pattern as well. Yesterday we also put plaster of paris in our medals. Today we started making our real medals and Maria is going to get us gold, silver and bronze paint to make them look real. On Friday we did an Olympics Day with the whole school. The thing I enjoyed the most was the badminton, and I saw photos of us in the paper today. It was really fun. I also really enjoyed playing table tennis with the people in my group and I also liked playing the soccer.

It was a really fun day and I got silver and bronze medals!



This week we have been learning about clay medals. We created some and we are going spray paint them and make them pretty and colourful.
We had to make them the shape of circle, we put pretty patterns on them. 
we made some olympic graphs.

By Petra and Ava.

Olympic medals

We used clay to make these olympic medals. We also used some materials in our classroom to make them. I like making the medals because we can customise them. We made the medals so they look like ones from the olympics. We made to be like Olympic medals.
When we customise the medal we put on anything we like. "I put some great marks on mine" - said Sam.

Kayden's Olympics

On Friday 19th August our whole school went to the Recreation Centre for our own school Olympic day. I liked playing all of the sports. I like my medals. I got 2 medals or friendship a silver and a bronze. I had lots of fun.

By Kayden 


Olympic day at the rec center

On Friday we went to the Recreation Centre for an olympic day. I was in the grey team, Charlie wore our cloak.
There were lots of games like horse riding, volley ball and soccer but my favourite was gymnastics.
In gymnastics we ran around to music and tried to get in the hoop it was fun.
I won a gold medal yay!

Martha's fun week

This week in room 4 we have been making medals out of clay. It was fun.
In the Olympic day at the rec centre, I got a gold medal.
I liked all of the activities at the Olympic day.
We glued gold, silver and bronze medals into our books.

By Martha 

Medal made by Zoe

We made medals. I put a horse on mine  it looks beautiful.
I put a Z on mine we had to put a pen in it . The hole the pen made will be for the ribbon.
I'm going to spraypaint it silver.

Olympic day

Last Friday the whole school went to the recreation centre and had an olympic day. My favourite activity was the gymnastics because it was fun and I liked playing with the ribbon. I won two bronze medals for friendship and respect.  
-By Dylan Morris Krammer. :)

Kaleb's Olympics day

On Friday Brooklyn school had an Olympics day at the recreation centre.
I was in team blue for the day.
I won 1gold,
1 silver,
1bronze and my team leader was Liligail she was a good leader.
Overall it was a great day and I really enjoyed it.

Kaleb J

Friday, 19 August 2016

Brooklyn Olympic Day

Wow what an amazing Brooklyn Olympic Day.  

10 different Olympic Sports.

10 coloured themed teams.

10 Kakahu- cloaks,  on 10 fantastic and supportive Year 7 and 8 leaders.

300 + gold, silver and bronze medals given out for the Olympic Values; 
friendship, respect and excellence.

....  to all the teachers, teacher aides and and parents who helped make this day a huge success...


Timetable Change

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