Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Ava's blog

This week we have been learning about 111 calls if you be really naughty you get hand cuffed  or tasered. Ava G
Today we were making certificates out of card. We used pencils to colour them in. We were making them for each other. 
Yesterday we were doing a stem challenge we were   making boats out of clay and seeing if they could float and my one did float and then we got to take our clay boat home. On Wednesday we were glueing buoyncy things into our topic books.

by Martha

My trip to Holland

I went to 3 zoos in Holland, I saw tiger.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Stem Challenges - with Lennon and Shelby

In our class we are doing stem and my favourite stem challenge was the one where you had to pull the basket with only your hands and we had to get it to our game box. 

My second favourite was the friction challenge because we got sticks from the back field and rubbed them together  for 1 minute and we looked at a book about friction and we looked at a basketball player and he had to have lots of grip on his shoes so he would not slip over. 

We are also looking at fractions in math 1/2 or 2/4 is a half  1/3 is one third 1/4 is a quarter. 

The numerator is at the top, the denominator is the bottom.

Rocket Making

We first got a rocket made from a paper tube with a little piece of round wood inside it and a green squishy thing on the end.  We stuck 3 fins on to the bottom of the tube, then we coloured in the rocket and we put our names on them.  We went out to the back field and we lined up.  Then we launched them with squished air and mine went really really really really high over the rugby posts.  Then we had a play in the playground.
By Hank

Elyse and Dylan's

Elyse and Dylan have been working hard on:

STEM challenges including their knowledge on pushing and pulling, forces of gravity, buoyancy and friction.

We have been watching videos about push and pull. 

Dylan has been working on what objects will sink and what objects will float.
Dylan found that a flower will sink and plastic will float.

Ashers blog!


This week me and my class mates have been learning about fractions.
We made different kind of fractions like half's and wholes, we also got to make thirds too.
We had loads of fun in our maths books and if we got stuck the teacher would come over and help us.
I loved doing this because I learnt much more things than I ever knew!
It would be so cool if I and my class mates got to do it again.
 Thank you Maria!!

from Asher.  :D
(edited by Hinaia.G)

Sara's Stem Challenge

In my stem challenges I learnt about buoyancy it was cool. We had to think of the things that would sink or float, some things that floated where a counter and a bouncy ball. Things that sank where a plastic horse and clay. The clay got soggy and wet in everyones hands. We got to take the clay home. Amanda put it in a plastic bag. I really enjoyed the challenges it was fun.

By Sara 

In class we have been pushing and pulling a box full of books and we would see who would get to the end first. We have been learning about gravity that gravity brings every thing down to the ground even if we jump gravity pulls us down to the ground. We have been doing work about friction it is when to surface's rub together and it gets really hot.

Sam likes to ride his dirt bike with two wheels.
Kaleb also likes to ride his dirt bike.
Rua likes to play rugby.

playing with asher

I like to play hide and seek and I like playing at the back field with Asher. I like to play on the i pad with Asher and also I like to sit next to Asher.  Some times I like to play with Hank and Milan and we usually play in the flax.

Avag and AmelIa SUMDOG





I love playing on Sumdog with Isabella, Leighton and Ava G. I have lots of fun playing Sumdog I am on the second animal on Sumdog and it's a owl.

by Amella


 Making Plasticiene Boats!

Yesterday on Thursday we got to make plasticiene boats.
We had to work on our own.
Dilyn's boat looked similar to a bowl shape. 
Once I finished we got to test it in the water table. 
It kept sinking because there were lots of holes so I needed to fix them and try again!

written by Dilyn and Hinaia. 

Sinking and floating with Isabella

Room 4 has been going to Room 3, where we have been learning about sinking and floating.
Amanda gave us plasticine so we could make a boat or shape to float or sink. Some peoples shapes sunk and some peoples floated. At first mine sunk, but then it floated. I made a boat.
By Isabella.

Leighton's friends

I love my friends because they play with me nicely all the time.
We like to play Sumdog. My friends are Ava G, Ava K, Elyse, Isabella, Martha, Amelia and Asher. My friends help me with my class work- they help me to read.
By Leighton.

Timetable Change

Room Four are looking forward to the timetable change next week. We have spoken about the need to bring along some healthy snacks, (brain f...